Polilakk Ltd successfully implemented its project titled “Increasing the production capacity of Polilakk Ltd, purchasing chrome-free surface treatment devices” from 2 Feb 2015 to 30 Oct 2015. Polilakk Ltd won HUF 31.5 million non-refundable assistance for the implementation of the project. The project was accomplished with European Union assistance within the framework of the tender GINOP 1.2.1-14-2014.

The primary aim of the project is that Polilakk Ltd can open to the automotive and engineering industry by applying chrome-free surface treatment procedure, meeting the European Union regulations. For achieving this aim, we purchased #2 degreasing baths, #4 dipping vats, #1 drying vat, #4 dipping crates (baskets), programmable logic controller (PLC) and a material handling system: trolley runway with 2-ton hoisting machine, electronic movement.

Taken as a whole, the project achieved its purpose; owing to the development, we managed to install a pre-treatment bath line which can significantly quicken the material treatment processes and means 42% capacity increase. This increase and the regulatory changes make it possible to gain new markets, satisfy the increasing demand and perform export activity as well.

Introduction of a new technology at Polilakk Ltd


  • Beneficiary name:Polilakk Ipari Termelő, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Polilakk Industrial Producing, Commercial and Servicing Limited Liability Company)
  • Project title:„Introduction of a new technology at Polilakk Ltd”
  • Amount of assistance contracted: HUF29 281 424
  • Rate of assistance: 50%


Description of the project content:


Our project ensuring adaptive technological innovation activity aims at purchasing such a device through which a new service, procedure is created at our company. As a matter of fact, by purchasing a laser cutter machine, the companies engaged in construction industry and in a narrower sense the companies engaged in the manufacture of aluminium doors and windows wish to apply the various external façade and indoor covering elements made of aluminium more widely and widely. In accordance with these newly occurring demands, the more and more complicated technological implementation is necessary during the manufacture as well. Through the laser cutter machine to be purchased by our company we will be able to ensure the more complicated and higher level unit production in accordance with these higher demands. With the state-of-the-art laser cutter machine, we can fulfil our orders in higher quality and can provide service of better quality to our clients. For the orders fulfilled in this way, also demand for powder coating emerges as well, which means new markets and increase of orders in the main object of our company. The new machine operating in an innovative way allows efficient work performance, thereby the process of making the products shortens, resulting in the increase of piece number to undertake, improvement of efficiency of expenditures as well as perfect satisfaction of clients’ demands. Our company’s main object includes manufacture of covering elements of individual dimensions as well as edges, laps of individual dimensions from aluminium sheet-metal on the basis of the orders of companies engaged in the manufacture of aluminium doors and windows. With the modern laser cutter machine necessary for the fulfilment of these orders, we can meet our clients’ individual demands in higher quality and more efficiently, within a shorter date and undertake modern manufacture of these items for our customers. As a result of the development, our company can expand into new markets, perform the work more efficiently and fulfil the orders on a higher level.


  • Date of completion of project: 27th June 2020.
  • Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-03262

See Polilakk Ltd press announcement in pdf format:  


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