Introduction of Company

Who are we?

Our company started to operate in 2000 in Miskolc, in the territory of the Diósgyőr Industrial Park.

Our main activity is industrial powder coating (sintering).


automatic coating line



square meters


coating lines



square meters

How do we operate?

   General information about the cooperation

  • We accept orders only in writing (via e-mail, delivered personally).
  • We take over or hand over any material in precisely determined quantity (piece number, m² surface), and with the material quality being fixed accurately.
  • In accordance with the order placed previously, we undertake to fulfil the orders usually in 5-7 working days from the arrival of goods at our site, depending on the quantity of the material to be coated, with the technological times being observed.

  • Powder coating: minimum 5 working days from arrival of goods.
  • Powder coating with rolling: minimum 7 working days from arrival of goods.
  • Decorative powder coating: minimum 7 working days from arrival of goods.
  • Surface protection: protective foil, foam foil
  • Issue of goods: quality, quantity handover
  • Delivery: delivery to the site if necessary, with the cost being charged.


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Budapest Site

1047 Budapest, Baross u. 91-97.
+36 30 791 3265
+36 30 791 4285

Miskolc Site

3533 Miskolc, Kerpely A. út 35.
+36 30 469 8874
06 46 532 494