Guarantee obligation

Guarantee means warranty in construction industry as well, that is the party obliged to warranty for the correct fulfilment of contract is released from responsibility during the period of warranty if it can prove that the cause of the fault occurred after the fulfilment.

Complaint under guarantee

  • Notification: Immediately after detection if possible
  • Claim under guarantee: It can be enforced only by submitting the quality certificate issued together with the invoice.
  • In accordance with those included in Chapter LXI of Act V of 2013 (Hungarian Civil Code – Ptk) (regulation concerning the residential buildings) and Paragraphs 1, 3 of Annex no. 1 of the government decree no. 18/2003, the guarantee is 3 years.
  • In accordance with those included in Chapter LXI of Act V of 2013 (Hungarian Civil Code – Ptk) and the government decree no. 151/2003 (on the consumer goods), the guarantee is 1 year.

In case of any possible guarantee problems, please read the following information.

  • Client is responsible for checking the material prior to installation in order that the performed work phases can be identified and traced back in the worksheet on the basis of the indication of any possible faulty coating by the quality controller and that the possibly faulty product is not installed.
    If the faulty product is installed, our company will be responsible only for the repair of the powder coating of the product; any extra damage and cost resulting from the usage (e.g. damages produced during the delivery, assembly and disassembly) cannot be devolved upon us.
  • In case of implementation of larger projects, several contractors may perform the work therefore no guarantee claim can be enforced in this case for any possible fault of powder coating occurring after the installation, because the origin of the coating cannot already be traced back after installation.
  • The product having a fault under guarantee must be made available at the place of detection of the fault, or place of usage, left untouched, with photo documentation prepared and minutes taken. The removal of the product will make it impossible for the person responsible for the problem to check the product visually therefore it may result in the loss of guarantee.
  • Our company will perform the stated rightful repair under guarantee of the powder coating out of turn.

Reasons for losing the guarantee may be as follows:

  • Careless material handling during the delivery or usage
  • Improper use, modification
  • Accident, abuse, damage from acts of nature
  • Wrong storage, cleaning
  • Unsuitable environmental circumstances

Features of powder coating

  • The surface of the workpiece must be free of any chemical, oil and silicone, free of any injury, smooth, ,since the roughness, injuries and traces of polishing will become more visible after powder coating.
  • The powder coating can be applied only on a metal surface of proper cleanliness; if any rust or other contamination can be seen on the surface of the workpiece, previous cleaning of the surface will be necessary (polishing, grit blasting) which will involve extra cost.
  • The materials to be coated must be furnished with technological bore-holes  (prior to supplying it), it is important to know that the coating will be incomplete here, so it is practicable to form them in non visible, hidden places.
  • The seams of welded structures and welds of the elements made of pipe and hollow square sections must be tight or partly open with at least 10 mm bore-holes in order that the liquid material got inside the workpieces during pre-treatment can discharge during the drying.
  • Client shall ensure that the workpiece to be powder coated can endure about 180-200 ºC temperature without deformation or other damage (e.g. melting) during the whole baking time which is ca. 40-50 minutes.
  • If the supplied workpieces to be treated contain invisible, hidden contaminations (e.g. silicone, other oily, greasy lubricant or adhesive), then the material getting out, leaking on the surface during the baking following the powder coating will impair the coating, the recoating costs of which we have to charge.
  • In case of special powder coatings, the coatings containing metal particles may result in such special colours which optically deceive the human eye therefore it may happen that in some places we may see the sections, sheets to be of other colours, possibly stained, “clouded” because of the diffusion of the light which struck it.
  • The decorative coatings of wooden, marble and stone effect are also special; these simulate the patterns and colours occurring also in the nature which are not geometric and of not homogeneous colour like basic coatings. These coatings have special colours which also deceive human eye optically and therefore it may happen that we see the sections, sheets to be of other colours, possibly stained in some places. Because of the above, we do not undertake guarantee for colour conformity (detected by human eye).


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