Polilux Kft (Ltd) and Polilakk Kft (Ltd) are two companies owned jointly. Polilakk performs powder coating, while Polilux performs the sheet metal works and the decoration of wooden and marble effect which is unique in Hungary.

Decorative powder coating of wooden and marble effect

  • We place a special foil on the coated materials by means of a machine.

  • The wooden pattern itself is on this foil.

  • We place the foiled materials on a special vacuum table. Both ends of the materials are fixed to a vacuum pump and the air is sucked from them, then the slipped foils are adjusted for the pattern not to be wrinkled.

  • When all materials are fixed to the pumps, the whole table is pushed into a special oven (not the same as that used for powder coating), where the pattern will burn from the foil into the coating during the secondary baking.

  • After baking, the foil is removed from the material.

Client-orientated service and accurate work performance resulted in quick gain of market share. We implemented the following technological developments during the years:


  • 2002 Establishment of modern chromating technological line necessary for the chemical surface treatment of aluminium, introduction of ISO quality assurance system

  • 2005: Commissioning of advanced spraying technology and baking oven
  • 2007 Establishment and commissioning of grit blasting equipment
  • 2009 Technological development, start-up of the small plant
  • 2010 Construction of a new, modern production hall
  • 2011 Introduction of automatic spraying technology
  • 2011 Installation of manual painting line for more flexible work performance
  • 2012 Development of the technology of making coating of wooden effect for metals, Polilux Ltd.
  • 2013 Introduction of QUALOCOAT international quality assurance system
  • 2014 Purchase and installation of sheet working machines,
     Polilux Ltd.
  • 2015 Installation of a new 9 meter long automatic pre-treatment bath line
  • 2019 Purchase and installation of laser cutter machine
  • 2020 Opening of the site in Budapest


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Budapest Site

1047 Budapest, Baross u. 91-97.
+36 30 791 3265
+36 30 791 4285

Miskolc Site

3533 Miskolc, Kerpely A. út 35.
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